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•   Anthony Ashworth (Ashworth)  6/14
•   Dianne Ingram (Limer)  5/28
•   Gregg Cox  5/28
•   Eddie Trexler  5/27
•   Tim Paschal  12/11
•   Phillip Lee  10/1
•   Gina Walters (Class Of 1981) (Walters)  9/13
•   Angela Oakes (Flynn)  11/11
•   Jim McIntosh  1/30
•   Dean Matheson  12/26
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•   Veronica Bowers (Shaw)  7/16
•   Thomas Watkins  7/18
•   Beth Graybeal (Stewart)  7/19
•   Tim Paschal  7/21
•   Anthony Ashworth (Ashworth)  7/24
•   Donna Deatherage Hancock (Class Of 1980)  7/24
•   David Ferguson  7/25
•   Scott Logan  7/26
•   Tammy Jacot (Walsh)  7/30
•   Kelly Watterson (Wulf)  7/31
•   Eric Troutman  8/1
•   Janice Sillmon S  8/5
•   Ellen Wall (DeSanto)  8/5
•   Leslie Holmes (Parrett)  8/9


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4 live in California
6 live in Florida
5 live in Georgia
1 lives in Hawaii
1 lives in Minnesota
1 lives in New York
107 live in North Carolina
2 live in Oklahoma
1 lives in Pennsylvania
3 live in South Carolina
2 live in Texas
4 live in Virginia
1 lives in Ontario
1 lives in Turkey
60 location unknown


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Percentage of Joined Classmates: 71.3%

A:   149   Joined
B:   60   Not Joined
(totals do not include deceased)

Western Guilford High School
Class Of 1979

You might notice this website now contains ads.  For the last several years, I've been paying for this website to keep it ad free.  But the time has come to let it be it will contain ads.  I hope they are not too annoying.  --Gail Gorham Busch

If you haven't received emails from this site recently, please make sure your email address is current!

Please read the following notice from the creators of Class Creator:

"Class Creator will no longer show street addresses or telephone numbers in Profiles even if the Classmate has allowed those items to be shared with fellow Classmates.

From now on if a Classmate wants the street address or telephone number of a fellow Classmate he or she will need to contact the Classmate and ask for that information. These requests can be made through the Class Creator system of course -- the information will simply no longer be shown on the Profiles page.

The system will continue to collect street address and telephone numbers for all members but only Administrators will be able to see this information from now on.

Privacy laws have become extremely strict. Class Creator has been involved in two murder investigations and recently another identity theft case. We are taking this measure to ensure we are in compliance with current privacy laws and to protect your members from the potential unintended sharing of sensitive personal information.

Although arguably there are cases where it's convenient to share telephone number and street address with fellow Classmates, most Classmates don't opt for this option anyway. Unfortunately there's no way to know 100% for sure that a new registrant is a real classmate. Cases of hijacking and impersonation and so forth do happen.

If a member needs the street address or telephone number of a fellow member it's really not hard to simply ask. If the classmate wants to then offer up that information they can do so on their own volition.

I know there may be some Administrators here who will not be happy with the removal of this feature. I apologize if that's the case. Please understand for legal reasons and in accordance with our continual commitment to protection of privacy this decision is set in stone and we will not be able to accommodate exceptions."

Welcome to the Western Guilford High School Class Of 1979 web site. We can use this site to communicate with classmates.

Please go to the "Classmates Profile" page and find your name.  Click and then enter your updated information.  Forgive me if I've entered your first names wrong or if you go by something else.  You can correct it here or let me know and I'll correct it.

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We also need your help finding other classmates, so if you have email addresses for anyone, you can use this site to get in touch with them.  

--Gail Gorham Busch